March 3, 2010

Subject: The Comic Toolbox, Chapter Two

Want to read more about the Rule of Nine and other ways to increase creative thinking? The website for John Vorhaus, author of The Comic Toolbox, has an excerpt from Chapter Two, "The Will To Risk.
I personally need to read the last section of Chapter Two:Concentrate on the Task at Hand. Vorhaus writes,
When you're concentrating on the task at hand, the outside world truly does not exist. You get in a lick of good work, pat yourself on the back for that lick of good work, then, taking that win, press on to the next piece of work, better equipped than ever to win.
Lately, I've felt like one of those water skeeter bugs that skims the surface of the lake, zipping from one place to another as I tackle first one task and then another. Sure, I've checked off a lot of items on my to-do list, but none are of critical importance.
The worst part is the feeling that I'm avoiding real work, hard work. I'm staying on the surface, flitting about, when what I really need to do is dive in deep. I need to find an ending for my short story. And I really need to work on the synopsis for my novel.
Tomorrow's the day I strap on my snorkel and mask. Tomorrow's the day, I take a deep breath and break the surface. I'm diving in.


  1. Heather, I know exactly what you mean. It's so easy for me to skitter around, walking the dog, running errands, etc. etc. etc. until I've managed to avoid writing the hard parts in my novel. If I don't schedule my writing hours, they don't happen. The funny thing is that the actual writing is never as difficult as I think it will be. Maybe some of that flitting time is actually productive for problem solving. Hope you were able to take the plunge.

  2. Thanks, Susan. I have had a much more productive week. It makes such a difference when I can just focus on one task. It helps, too, when I literally tune out the world with headphones and some music.

    I also agree with your assessment that some of that flitting time is useful, especially walks! Lots of thinking goes on beneath the surface.

    Hope your writing is going well!