January 18, 2010

Subject: When You Reach Me

Congratulations to Rebecca Stead and When You Reach Me, as well as all the Newbery honorees!

When You Reach Me was fascinating to read, with its themes of friendship and coming of age and its intriguing mystery, and its clever ending invites readers to circle back to the beginning and start reading again.
Anyone interested in learning more about the elements of writing in this book should click over to StorySleuths. Allyson Valentine Schrier and Meg Lippert reviewed When You Reach Me in November. All of their postings are found here: Congratulations to WHEN YOU REACH ME: StorySleuths' Consolidated Postings.
I'm looking forward to reading the Newbery honorees. I'm so happy to see Grace Lin's Where the Mountain Meets the Moon on the list as well as The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly, both in my To-Read pile.
By the way, the teen winner of the Schneider Family Book Award, Marcelo in the Real World, is the StorySleuths book for February. I hope you'll join us then and share your thoughts on Francisco X. Stork's fantastic writing.

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