January 8, 2010

Subject: Six word resolution contest

The team over at Teaching Authors is sponsoring a six-word resolution contest. Here's mine:
Write. Create. Revise. Complete. Enjoy.
What a fun way to keep the resolutions simple. Let me know you if enter the contest--I'd love to hear your six-word resolutions! (P.S., for those of you doing the Comment Challenge 2010, entering the contest at Teaching Authors and then posting your resolution here counts as TWO comments. Don't be shy!)


  1. Hi Heather,
    Thanks for plugging our contest, and for posting your resolution. Good luck!

  2. Celebrate. Create. Inspire. Plot. Enjoy. Finish.

    Now taking your suggestion and dashing over to Teaching Authors to score another comment for Comment Challenge. And for another word contest, I'm doing one at my blog for "one little word" for 2010. www.irenelatham.blogspot.com Come play! :)

  3. Hi Carmela! Thanks for stopping by. I love the 6-word resolution. Forced me to focus.

    Great resolution, Irene. I can't wait to learn about the "one little word" contest. I love the idea of including celebration in a resolution.

  4. Great challenge! Let me think now. (Just kidding. Those are not my six chosen words. Although actually, they do say quite a bit.)

    Ask, "What happens next?" Inspiration guaranteed!

    Thanks for stopping my blog. I guess you do StorySleuths with Allyson, my classmate from VCFA. Small world! Tell her I say hi and miss her!